The Sunshine Award!


First step:

Thank my  lovely bestower:

Sunshine: I am beaming with rays of silly gratitude and internal chuckles.

ME, the Sunshine Award?

Step On A Crack is not exactly a Happy Go-Lucky place.

I would like to say thank you to Mel, a dear friend and an honest,talented

Warrior Woman Blogger!

Mel writes about Bulimia and  her journey to Wholeness.

She is Remarkable!

You can find her and her work @ I AM NOT SHE

 Second Step:

Yes, you get to share some tidbits about yourself. More. Stuff.

Favorite Color:


For clothes; Black

For looking at;  Royal Blue

(BTW I love the Stones…)

Favorite Animal:

Chee Chee

Short for Pagliacci. Chee Chee was the finest cat to walk this planet.

Favorite Number:


But I  have OCD;

so don’t take this seriously;

Really trust me,

don’t EVEN think of EVEN numbers!


Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink:

Earl Grey Tea

with a bit of milk and honey…

Facebook or Twitter:

I don’t do either. Weird?

My Passion:

My Son,

reading, writing and words.

Favorite pattern:

The walls of Cortona, Italy

oh yes.

Favorite day of the week:

Each day I wake up.

Favorite Flower:

My rose bushes.

My son helped me plant them when he was just a toddler.

He said, “There you go Baby..”

as he placed them in the ground.

I am DELIGHTED to pass the Sunshine Award on to the following Blogs:

Thank you  guys for giving so much!

Good Life No Alcohol

Words From My Soul


Certainly Not Lost Down Under

Keeping This Real

Home’s Cool!

Understanding the Past

Written Words Never Die

Thoughts to Mull

Captain Savage

~ by Step On a Crack on February 19, 2012.

13 Responses to “The Sunshine Award!”

  1. Congrats!! My favorite number is 13 and I don’t have a facebook either, we are members of a shrinking club….
    Andrea xxx


    • 13 is my second favorite number! If only it were Even….

      Yes. I also read Books real ones with paper and I buy them at locally owned booksellers.

      Man. I live in another century; at least we are in this together!

      XO Jen


  2. NO. No facebook is a GROWING club. Right? Heh heh.
    Thanks, Jen, for the nomination. I have more to say, so more is more, in this case. Ha. Love ya for thinking so hightly and sweetly of me, as I do of you. Isn’t it grand to find ones who want to be nearby? 😉


  3. Congratulations Jen, on winning this award 🙂 You do bring sunshine to people. Well done indeed.

    Thank you for thinking of me. I accept but it would take some time for me to get around to posting it, etc. if you don’t mind.

    Wishing you a lovely week ahead,


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  5. I’m with Eric on this! Thank you, AGAIN Jen! I still haven’t got it together with the first nomination you bestowed upon me….but I’ll get ‘er done this week! xon


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  7. Hello Jen, Congratulations on this award, your posts are lighting up everyone’s life so if someone deserves a Sunshine award it’s you. Thank you for nominating me, I deeply honoured. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, but I’ve been on holiday last week. Love Steph


  8. Hi Jen,

    Sorry about the time delay, I am still a L-plate blogger and didn’t get to spot your post until a few days ago, and this is my first chance to respond. I really appreciate your support and the nomination. The best kind of appreciation come from those who you get inspiration from, and your blog is great. Here is my response to your award…

    Regards, Capt. Savage (always armed and ready)


    • Captain!

      Excellent! You well deserve it my Warrior Friend!

      I LOVE your blog!

      Godspeed my Friend!


      PS: I would have thought that Camo would have been your favorite pattern…. I’m just saying….


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