“My people have a hard time giving up”

I often hear other writers critiquing those of us who write about alcoholism or addiction. I hear words like, ‘distanced’ or ”reserved’ as though the writer could not capture in words their own experience.

I get angry.

Living with an alcoholic or an addict, being an alcoholic or an addict, is not easy to write about in any kind of honest way. It has been years now and I have yet to write about the physicality of my mother’s death. I can barely face it in my waking hours.

Organs dissolve. Those dissolved organs leave the body while the person dying is still alive.

I will leave it there for now.



Hell yes.

How else do you live with the truth of a loved one killing themselves, slowly,  over your entire lifetime?

How else do you stay by them knowing no one else will?

You create Distance,

you stay reserved.

How else to Stay?

“My people have a hard time giving up.”

Thadra Sheridan, Poet,  gets not Giving Up.

So do most of us.
It is what it is, now isn’t it?

We don’t walk away,
Though often we wish we could





Remember and Never Forget: Alcoholism Kills


Again,   Thank you to the Poets….

~ by Step On a Crack on May 26, 2014.

4 Responses to ““My people have a hard time giving up””

  1. hiya, i think you are doing so great. me too. we are breaking the cycle. our children have been spared some pain at least. xxx


  2. Wow. I can’t imagine what this is like.


  3. Dearest Jen, I always love your words, your exact distance from your pain. More so than anyone else’s words that you find comforting or validating. People who are not grieving should not harass those who are. We each need our own space to grieve our own losses in our own way. Your body and your soul know exactly where you need to be, and mine do not know that about you. The distance is a gift from God. He made us able to walk at a distance from our pain, and in that way, He enabled us to be able to walk at all. To acknowledge means to act as if you know; I acknowledge your pain, sweet Jen. Much love to your aching heart, from mine. ❤ K

    On 5/26/14, Step On A Crack…Or Break Your Mother's Back


  4. i love how she can address these issues with humor and sobriety.


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