The Hard Truth and Those that Tell It


I love Poetry.

I love Poetry Month.

I also have a story to tell and this blog has been



and therapy.

I stopped.

I stopped telling the story of my mother’s life

and her death

and her alcoholism.

I stopped because it hurt.

I stopped because telling the truth

sharing the reality of care taking a dying alcoholic,

of being the daughter of a life long alcoholic,

well…  the truth is hard.

I intend to share Poetry again this April.

I hope to use Poetry as a door way back.

I won’t be posting my favorite Poetry this April.

I will be posting The Hard Truth Poetry this April.

I will wend my way back.




I have those things.

I am left with the Truth.

The Hard Truth.

Alcoholism Kills. Period.

Today I found a young Poet wending his way back.

Luk O’Connor Slamming in Saint Paul, MN last month.

Slamming Hard for a friend raped.

Slamming Hard for every Woman raped,

Slamming Hard for his own way Back to Wholeness.

Poetry Heals.

Poetry can tell the Hard Truth with Beauty and Grace.

My hat off to this young and gifted Poet.

To the Hard Truth and those who Tell It.








Thank you to Button Poetry * Thank You



~ by Step On a Crack on April 2, 2014.

2 Responses to “The Hard Truth and Those that Tell It”

  1. Glad to see you back. Looking forward to more poetry! xo.


  2. My dear friend. I will watch your new slam this afternoon. I am on my way to work at the moment. You are an advocate for all warriors. You give me and so many others hope and COMFORT! We are not alone, and those things that “happened to us” those evil things that were “done to us” were out of our control. HERE’S to STEADFASTLY taken our voice and our lives back.

    YES, alcoholism kills: If not swiftly … slowly and in a gruesome way.

    Loving you more every day, my beautiful FIGHTER and loving human! LOVE M


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