Tag! You’re it!

Anyone want to play tag with me?

I have been tagged by  TRUnique News and Matters  to answer some questions by my fellow Blogger Vina.

 This is FUN!

Here are my questions for anyone who wants to play:

  1. Who is the one person you Idolize and why?     The Dalai Lama for his profound commitment to promoting understanding, and his commitment to non-violence.
  2. If you won 350 million dollars, what the first thing you’d buy?      My Kid would be really hungry; he is a teenager, so probably a bagel with cream cheese, tomato and onion.
  3. If you were to write a book, what would it be about?       Alcoholism and Addiction
  4. Horror or sci/fi?   OLD horror flicks. I still have a crush on Vincent Price.
  5. If you were an action figure which one would you be?   Wonder Woman, Duh.
  6. What is you’re idea of the perfect day?     Being with my family: ALL of us, by all definitions,  all over the world!
  7. Would you prefer a sports car or a space car?  Wow. Tough. I REALLY like speed so probably Space Car (I am working on the assumption it would be faster than the fastest land car…)
  8. If you could pick two action stars to fight against each other, who would it be?   Hmmm. I don’t watch action flicks; so how about this:  Einstein VS. the Dalai Lama in discussion of the origin of the Universe. THAT is some BIG ACTION!
  9. What is your favorite website and why?  Politico because I am an avid Politics-as-blood-sport fanatic
  10. If someone told you you had to give up one bad habit, what would it be?   Being so controlling and judgmental. Ouch.
  11. What is the lesser of two evils, a lie or a white lie?    White lie, hands down.

OK    I am tagging the following Bloggers,

AND invite EVERYONE who wants to, to come out and join us!

If you can’t come out to play we all will understand!

I am adding the question:

What book has been the most important to you and why?

(Heck! Make up your own questions to add!)

TAG! You are IT!

Paulann at Growthlines

Keeping This Real

Troy at Life.Aisle

Born by a River

Debbie at Two Minutes of Grace

Debby at Living in Graceland

Heidi at Good Life No Alcohol

Eric at Written Words Never Die

Kathy at Home’s Cool!

Peace, Jen

~ by Step On a Crack on February 21, 2012.

3 Responses to “Tag! You’re it!”

  1. You have to get me in, don’t you Jen 🙂
    Okay, it is all good fun and I’ll play – shall post on my blog after lunch and before rushing off to a meeting.
    Peace and luv, Eric


  2. […] Tag! You’re it! (steponacrack.wordpress.com) […]


  3. Oh, Jen Vincent Price! Love at first bite then! 😀


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