Blog for Mental Health 2012

I want to extend a very grateful Thank You to Mel of I Am Not She for her passing on the

Blogging for Mental Health Pledge

to steponacrack.

Mel and I have known one another for a very long time.

She ‘Knew Me When” and that means the world to me.

I also “Knew Her When”,

 and I have to tell you that Mel’s commitment to her mental health

and her winning the battle over the Vicious Bitch Bulimia is truly inspiring.

Mel writes from her Heart: a Heart which has been tested and tormented.

Mel has come out on top.

Mel, you inspire me daily by your  honest desire to reach out to others who struggle with  eating disorders.

YOU have won, and I know it is a battle you Fight and Win daily.

You are and always have been, an inspiration to me. You fight the Good Fight against Bulimia. You have won and continue to win.

“I am in awe of your maturity and insights. I am thrilled that you were the Survivor/Warrior Woman who nominated me for this challenge. And so we’ll march on, all of us, blogging for a great cause!”

The rules of the pledge are:

1) Take the pledge by copy and pasting the following into a post featuring Blog for Mental Health 2012

I pledge my commitment to the Blog for Mental Health 2012 Project. I will blog about mental health topics not only for myself, but for others. By displaying this badge, I show my pride, dedication, and acceptance for mental health. I use this to promote mental health education in the struggle to erase stigma.

2.) Link back to the person who pledged you.

3.) Write a short biography of your mental health, and what this means to you.

Short Bio:

Mom and Dad lived in the bottle

 in I climbed.

The bottle kept me Safe Inside

Family tradition disease blurry;

“High Functioning” I became.


acronyms that fit me well

THERAPY came to me;

Distant, Fearful, Sad and  Counting

 Words that drove me out.

That Bottle climb was long and steep

12 Steps (or more) it seemed to me.

My Family Tree is soaked you see,

with alcoholics;




Death and Death and Death;



the bounty paid for

hanging from that family tree.

I am dry now. I continue to battle my acronyms and they no longer define me. I know Support, I  feel Surrender. I am too late to save the ones I loved the very most.  I drank, I drugged and I battled serious depression for decades.

Which came first; depression or the Drug?

Doesn’t matter seems to me; Mental HEALTH addresses both.

  HEALTH being the operative word.

My mission, if  I chose to accept it (and believe me,  I do) … is to Push Back: To speak out about alcoholism and the devastation it causes, not only for the alcoholic but for their families and for those that love them.

We need to become more aware of  the impact alcoholism has on our lives and on our culture.  We need to seek out clear information about the short-term and long-term dangers of living as an alcoholic and those suffered by living WITH an alcoholic.  We need to read with one eye out for the long arm of the alcohol lobby on any studies we do read.

We need to begin to count our dead with real numbers. My father’s life may have been saved if my mother had not been living with alcoholics dementia. My Father-in-law may still be alive if he had not made decisions  based on cocaine blathering in his ear. My mother would still be alive if alcohol had not eaten her brain from the inside out.

I could list more deaths hanging on the family tree but let me stop here.

I can not go on as it begs the question:  Who is next?

Who is next?

I can not take another.


Alcoholism is a Baffling, Cunning and Powerful disease. We need to have compassion AND if you are living in the midst of alcoholic destruction yourself remember: there is help. If someone you love is an alcoholic,  Alanon or groups for Adult Children of Alcoholics can help you find ways to make decisions based on love and serenity.

As Mel put it so beautifully,

” Please have empathy; try not to judge: Show kindness. And remember, no one is guaranteed full protection from being “touched” by mental illness.

  1. NOW, the fun part. I (we) get to ask five (5) other people to take the pledge for blogging for mental health.

Al K. Hall writes with raw honesty and  humor about his journey with sobriety.  Al is inspiring and it working it like Nobodies Business!  You will not regret visiting his site.

u r the inspiration Sean is in recovery and also has an amazing sense of humor about his journey to overcome alcoholism and drug addiction. His blog always makes me laugh and think; a very good combination when working to overcome any addiction.

Good Life No Alcohol  Heidi has been instrumental in my journey through blog land and my walk with my God. Her blog is a very valuable resource for those in recovery AND, I think, for those who love someone in recovery. In the 12 step programs, turning your life over to a Higher Power is an important step in making real progress. Heidi Turns it Over Big TIme!

Finding Yourself After a Brain Injury      I  live with a Traumatic Brain Injury, TBI, and  perhaps it is not strictly a mental health issue, but I am here to tell you that the aftermath has been far worse for my mental health than my chemical depressions ever were. NJ Girl writes from devastating personal experience about the issue AND has become an activist creating online support groups for those of us who suffer from TBI’s.  I can not explain what it means to me to have found her. Living with a TBI is the most lonely thing I have EVER lived through. With the numbers of brain injuries suffered everyday in the US AND all of the soldiers who are returning from war with a TBI, it is time we started spreading the word and lifting the veil on TBI. NJ Girl is doing just that!

Growthlines  Paulann is a gifted writer and a therapist with years of helping others under her belt. She has a way of making mental health seem so reachable. I am grateful for her presence in my life.

Mental Health is not something I thought I would have 30 years ago. Mental Health is a journey for those of us who suffer or have suffered from depression, addiction and or any mental health disorder. There is a way to thrive in spite of our challenges.

I remember a therapist quoting Robert Frost early in my therapy days;

“The only way out is through…”

Frost was right.

We do not need to walk through alone.

Peace,  Jen

~ by Step On a Crack on January 26, 2012.

10 Responses to “Blog for Mental Health 2012”

  1. Damn that’s beautiful! You are beautiful, inside out, upside down and all around. I knew i picked the right woman for the Challenge. It’s all about me me me ! HA HA.

    I love the Robert Frost … I’ve seen that on your emails (as a footer) … tag line ??? whatever it’s called.

    Great nominations. I wanted very special people to take on this challenge … all because of their heart.

    Big heart lady! Thanks for all the nice stuff you said. Ironically, some of that is true. … especially the torment. Man i can remember days where i thought i would take my heart by hand and tear it out of my chest: So hurt.

    Times are a changin’ … sometimes not fast enough.

    At least the heart’s still in there behind my ribs, thumping away (despite my early-life flubbed attempts to stop it).

    Warrior on lady!

    love, m


  2. I love your choices to pass the award on to!


    • Hello there!

      I am not sure what to do with awards. there are SO many blogs I love. I chose Blogs that are related to my writing and blogs that have made a difference in my life. I hope they reach others who need them too!

      Thank you for stopping by!

      Peace, Jen


  3. […] you, Jen the brilliant and brutually honest creator of Step on a Crack for recommending I take the pledge. We’ve just started reading one another’s work. I […]


  4. do u know why I luv u so much? you truly are selfless.. YOu have all these things going on in ur life but u still make time to do nice things for everyone around u.. Im not too sure I am deserving of this award since most days Im 3 blinks from tears. I appreciate your kindness to me especially on the days I need it most.. I am happy to of found u. Thank u again Jen..


    • I am deeply touched. YOU have opened things for me. YOU are a Gift! Sweetheart YOU deserve it SO much because you move forward each day, 3 blinks or not. I REALLY want people to find your blog. I know that once I started ‘admitting’ I had a TBI I found so many people who also did or wondered if they did. What you are DOING in invaluable in this community !!!!

      I wish I could give you a golden throne and a scepter. What I really wish is that I could take it all away for you. You live with courage, grace and honesty. I am inspired by you and your activism. I KNOW how hard that mush be. You are one of my heros.

      XO Jen


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  6. Love your blog Jen so positive but more than that so peaceful in your optimism


  7. I am so happy to see that this has gone this far. Thank you for carrying my project on!


  8. […] Blog for Mental Health 2012 ( […]


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